Sabs the Salon

Sabs The Salon: The Leading Salon in Pakistan

Saba Sabs the Salon

Sabs The Salon is a leading salon in Pakistan with extraordinary skills and techniques in Bridal make up. The salon provides quality beauty services.
Sab’s is the premier Salon in Pakistan, known for its professionalism, is managed by a team of professionals led by Saba Ansari. Saba entered the industry in 1990 with hands-on work experience with Depilex at a time when she was still going to college.
Sab’s is currently one of the biggest professional salons in Pakistan. Sabs has a team of professionals trained internationally/locally who are working in and out of the salon (on location). Sabs distinctive feature is that it uses top-of-the-line products at the salon without compromising on quality.


Be Your Own Wedding Make up Artist

Wedding season in Pakistan is approaching fast and, like clockwork, bride-to-be are planning for Mehndi, Ubtan, Barat and Valima reception. An easy way to do it in a budget is to skip over an expensive makeup artist and DIY your own bridal look. Be your own makeup artist loo at these must-have wedding-makeup products.

Get Flawless Finish with these Powder Foundations

Sisley's Ecological Compound

Skin Care
The super-luxe skincare houses Sisley's Ecological Compound is one of its most popular product. It is a fluid lotion that is made from a formula of plant complex that works to stimulate and regulate skin.This product was tested and voted by over 100 celebrities in France. This luxurious product also received "Cult Product" award  for Madame Figaro ‘Beauty Stars” Awards.

Skin Care Tips for Working Women

Working women can use these easy tips for skin care. Moisturize your skin by using a proper moisturizer after shower. Cleanse your skin but do not forget that excessive use of face wash and soap may damage sensitive skin cells. An effective way of keeping skin moisturize is to drink a lot of water. It will keep your skin lively and beautiful.

World Most Expensive Nail polish

The royalty jewelry designer AZATURE brought the most expensive nail polis of the world worth $250,000. The price tag is the highest for a beauty product. The bottle of nail polish contains 267 carats worth of black diamonds. The brand also has created a low-priced edition for $25 only. The color is black with a glitter sheen of black diamond sparkle.

Depilex the International fame Salon in Pakistan
No doubt the Depilex is the most popular salon in Pakistan that has international fame. Masarrat Misbah a Karachi based visionary lady founded Depilex in 1980. Depilex has grown from a single premise to 25 separate locations. Over the years, Depilex has gained greater expertise and wider exposure in each of its specialized service areas. Depilex is passionate and takes pride in providing its customers with the best in Customer Service, Professionalism and Expertise. Hence, it is always in the forefront of Hair, Beauty and Fashion trends in Pakistan.

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